The Highest Yoga
Path of Spiritual Heart

Spiritual Practices:


Higher Methods

The higher spiritual practices provide one’s further development — as the spiritual heart — far beyond the body and cocoon. We have to try to transform ourselves into universal spiritual hearts!

This Path — if everything is done correctly — represents the realization of Jesus Christ’s precept: “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth!” (John 4:24)

That is we have to come to meet Him — the Universal Consciousness of the Creator — being free from material bondage, pure, refined up to His level and developed to “decent” sizes for a meeting like this.

At this stage worthy adepts can master a large number of methods that allow them:

— to cognize the Holy Spirit in all His manifestations within one’s own expanded spiritual heart and to learn how to become Him;

— to “raise” Kundalini and to merge this individual Atmic energy with Paramatman — the Universal Consciousness of God-the-Father;

— to cognize all major eons of the universe;

— to learn how to get into the Abode of the Creator and to merge with Him there;

— upon successfully establishing in this state, one may receive from God-the-Father the right to control the matter, including dematerialization and materialization of one’s own body.

Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology)
(chapter from the book Ecopsychology)

Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

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