Working Sites of Divine Teachers.
Places of Power

Here you can find photographs of working sites* of Divine Teachers where one can see — with the eyesight of the consciousness developed as a spiritual heart — the Masters of these places. Thanks to these photographs one can become personally acquainted with Them. In order to do this, one has to learn to enter with the spiritual heart the situation shown on the photograph.

If you cannot manage to do this — then you have to work on refining yourselves as consciousnesses: because God in the aspects of the Creator and the Holy Spirit is the most subtle (on the scale of subtlety-coarseness) Components of the Absolute!

There are many such Divine Teachers Who cognized in the past the Abode of the Creator — and now They come out from it in order to help us — incarnated people. We were lucky to learn from some of Them. Almost all of Them are not incarnated on the earth at the present.

You can become acquainted with conversations with Them, with Their biographies, and even with verses and other literary works created by Them in the following books (author and editor Dr.Vladimir Antonov):

Forest Lectures on the Highest Yoga,

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present,


Lao Tse. Tao Te Ching,

Native American Spirituality: Path of Heart,

Atlantis and the Atlanteans (The Emerald Tablets and Other Texts),

Spiritual Work with Children,

Pythagoras and His School.

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