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Welcome to our site!

This site presents a description of the main philosophical religious traditions that existed or exist now on the Earth.

The word yoga is of Sanskrit origin. It has the same meaning as the Latin word religion. Both these words denote the Path to cognition of the Creator (the Primordial Consciousness) and to merge with Him. If this word starts with a capital letter, it denotes the state of such Mergence.

The word yoga is well known now in all developed countries. However in most cases it is used to denote hatha yoga, and this is wrong.

The path of yoga consists of several stages:

— hatha yoga — a preparatory stage,

— raja yoga — a stage of work on cleansing and development of the bioenergy structures of the organism, which are the chakras and main meridians.

— buddhi yoga — a stage of work on development of the consciousness in multidimensional space outside the material body.

It is on the last — higher — stage that one cognizes Holy Spirits (in the collective sense They are called the Holy Spirit, which is the same as Brahman) and then the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator, God-the-Father, Ishvara, Tao, Allah, Svarog, etc — He is called differently in different languages).

Historically it happened that there are different variations of realization of the spiritual Path. They are called yoga, Taoism, Sufism, Hesychasm, etc. Such systems of self-development existed in all developed ethnic groups, including Atlanteans, ancient Russians, etc. There were different practical methods, but the methodological essence was the same. After all, it is not people who construct “stairways” of ascent to the Abode of the Creator, but it is the Creator Who leads worthy people to Himself!

This site is dedicated to such a methodology of the spiritual Path common to all people.

The site is intended for helping those seeking to realize the meaning of their lives on the Earth, to cognize our common Creator, to achieve spiritual Perfection.

We wish you success on this Path!

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Meditation: Steps of Mastering

The term meditation can be defined as one’s personal efforts on developing oneself (as a soul, consciousness) in the directions of correct functioning of the emotional sphere, refinement and quantitative growth of the consciousness, direct cognition of God in the Aspects of the Primordial Consciousness, of the Holy Spirit, of the Absolute, and attainment of Mergence with God.

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“Raising” of Kundalini

Before we can enter the Abode of the Creator, we have to complete another significant stage of work — “raising” of kundalini.

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Cleansing of the Chakras. Opening of the Spiritual Heart

The condition of the chakras is closely interrelated with the condition of the physical organs located in the corresponding parts of the body. The chakras play an important role in supplying the organs with energy, while diseases of the organs negatively affect the condition of the chakras.

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Anatomy of God

... The main part of God, which is called the Primordial Consciousness or the Heart
of the Absolute
, can be likened to a boundless ocean. He is a boundless Ocean of Living Subtlest Consciousness existing in the deepest loka, which is called the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness.

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Straight Path to Achieving Spiritual Perfection

… From the standpoint of the methodology of spiritual development, it is important to choose from the vast number of true and false methods of spiritual development known to people only the most important ones which really allow man to advance quickly to Divinity and then to become a part of the Primordial Consciousness.

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Jiva and Buddhi

Jiva is a Sanskrit equivalent of the word soul. In incarnated state, the jiva is attached to its material body. It lives in the body and perceives the world with the help of the body’s organs of sense; it thinks with the help of the body’s brain. This is why it is so difficult for incarnated people to disidentify themselves — even mentally — with the body and the mind (manas in Sanskrit).

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The Third Eye and the Sun of God

The ideas about the potential existence of the third eye, which can be opened with the help of special methods in order to gain clairvoyance, appeared most likely thanks to an ancient saying of Krishna recorded in the Bhagavad Gita [8,11]:...

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Dharma, Dharmakaya, Nirodhi, Nirvana

The term dharma has two similar meanings: the law of exis-tence and predestination.

One can talk about dharma as about individual predestination of a particular person or as about Universal Law of the Evolution and of our existence (Sanathana Dharma, in Sanskrit).

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